Harry Potter Trivia at Miranda Hotel

Tuesday, 23/10/2018

07:00pm to 09:30pm

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Think you can tell your Thestrals from your Hippogriffs and your Gobstones from your Quiddich? Can you tell us what you would get if you added a powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?
So Grab your Witches, Wizards, Squibs and Muggles, head to platform 9 3/4, jump on the Hogwarts Express and move faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo.

With Galleons of prizes up for grabs and plenty of drink specials-if you’re not Weasley excited then there must be something Siriusluy Ron with you.

(We realise all these puns are a slightly Lestrange but we’re Rowling on the Fleur laughing.)

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus

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