Rick dangerous & The Silkie Bantams

Friday, 01/09/2017

07:00pm to 11:30pm

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Special Events

Tickets available at oztix.com.au by searching ‘Miranda Hotel’ or on the door. Doors open 8pm
Courtesy bus available for pick up and drop off to your home on 0447 792 314.

Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams: Following on from the highly successful “Thrust Fury” crusade in early 2017, the right honourable Rick Dangerous and his inner sanctum of Silkie Bantams continue their quest for electoral success on the “In Rick We Thrust” tour, spanning nearly 3 months and making no less than 14 campaign stops along the way. The electrifying four-piece have been busy strengthening their reputation as a ‘must-see’ live act, by seamlessly blending punk-rock, metal grooves, sexy moves and comedy. This time however, Rick is taking no prisoners as he promotes his brand new single “Smile”, which is something of a departure from his existing repertoire of tender genital-fondling singalong numbers and instead deposits his size 10 wingtips swiftly into the back passage of modern apathetic society with considerable prejudice. Join the thrustcore revolution at venues up and down the east coast starting in August. “With highly-danceable groove-metal riffage, some of the most clever and hilarious lyrics you’ve heard this century, and a bespectacled tea-sipping frontman who pelvic-thrusts like a sexual maths teacher whilst screaming like a deranged psychopath, Rick Dangerous & the Silkie Bantams have one of the most captivating and entertaining live shows in Australia right now”

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Miranda Hotel

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